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NYC bus stop advertisements.

This illustrates how different this place is.  Where would target demographic for these products ride buses?

tiffanys adipad adHawaii air adChanel ad ugg adal jaz

Cooking at home.

When we are not led astray by a huge variety of eating out options that this city has to offer,  I cook at home.

I try to cook mostly healthy and get some veggies and unprocessed foods into our diet every day.

It seems that a lot of people  equate eating healthy with just eating salads (drenched in cream dressing).  So I thought I would post some photos of dishes I cook, just to dis-spell this myth.


Breakfast ricotta hazenuts and honey

Breakfast fruit and yogurt


Breakfast oatmeal with skim milk and skim latte

Breakfast Smoked Salmon

Breakfast smoked oysters with horse radish sause

Lunches and dinners:


baked egg and avocado


steak pizzaiola 2

Chanterelle mushrooms and scallops

orange chicken pinapple

New Image

chicken adobo

buttermilk chicken rice beans

beef fennel rare

shrimp and bok choi

salmon sandwich

salad and bread w roast beef and turkey

Another reason I love NYC.

Where else can you grocery shop with a glass of good wine or Italian beer on tap in hand?

cheese shopping

Is is a highly pleasant experience.  But it is fraught with pitfalls (and I don’t mean that good wine is not cheap).  On your first glass you are your usual health oriented self,  picking up greens, mushrooms and exotic fruit.

photo 3c

photo 2b

photo 1a

photo 4c

Then you wonder a bit, exploring and sipping your wine:

photo 5d

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

By your 2nd $19 glass of wine, you find yourself in a cheese section.  Sampling.  Justifying that a little fresh goat cheese never killed anyone, and then somehow prosciutto and  a tub of fresh burrata magically appear in your cart.

photo 5

After, you switch to beer and discover that you lost all reason and are in the fresh pasta isle:

photo 1

End of your shopping experience, you look at your cart and feel you got a multiple personality disorder. :)

So you go to a tea shop near by to sober up over some nice green tea:

pressed tea

New trail running shoes in time for beautiful fall weather.

I got new trail running Solomon shoes from REI.com and could not wait to test them out.

Today, our son was with his grandma, so my husband and I had a chance to run together.  We went for a nice 5 mile run in our neighborhood (Bronx).  I love trail running, and this time of year it is not hot and is lovely to run.  Though massive amount of leaves are making trails more slippery.






That was lovely, but that does not cancel out 1.5 pieces of very delicious cake and 2 lattes.

Going into Manhattan, you are faced with this on every block:




Bari studio and Virgil’s Friday

New place I tried this week is Bari Studio.

I bought a Gilt certificate for 1 private session and 2 classes on gilt.  I read about this place in a magazine a while back, and was curious to try their trampoline workout.  I went on a Wednesday evening, after work.  My supportive husband was taking care of our son.

The place was beautiful.  I forgot to take a picture of a studio, and it was already closed after I took a shower.  So these are pictures of a changing room and shower.



IMG_1471Workout was tough and effective.  I am still feeling some muscles 2 days later.  I think this place is worth it and I’m looking forward to working out there again.

Everyone I saw in that place was incredibly fit.

I also got my body scan and measurements taken.  My body fat is 22.8%.  Which is reasonable, but I still want to tone up and perhaps get it down to 20-21%.

Unfortunately, my favorite places do not help me in that goal.  Today we went to Virgil’s again for their Train Wreck fries and bbq wings.  Washed down with 3 Magic Hats.  That is a calorie atom bomb, yet every months I find myself back here again.

Fresh, fabulously cooked fries come out on a sizzling cast iron skillet, with real cheese melted into them, with bacon, pickled jalapenos, ranch sauce and green onions.  They are complimented perfectly by #9 and the wings are also pretty unique.  Huge, with lots of meat that has smokiness and char.




Photo from Monday’s commute

This is what I see while waiting for a train:


Son went to day care, DH and I went to work.  Everyone in our family has a commute. Due to government shutdown DH is not even able to take a day off.  It is all so screwed up!

At lunch break I had a workout session with my personal trainer.  That always gives me more energy and makes me feel great the rest of the day. That kind of boost is especially needed on a Monday!

Sunday, 6 October

Checked out tiny farmers market I recently discovered while running (it is amazing how a much you see when you run as opposed to drive by in a car).

photo 1 photo 2There was a little children’s fair nearby, so we let DS play for few hours. It was raining and wet, but as you know, children are not affected by such things. photo 1photo 2photo 4









Future “Wipeout” contestant in training?


Average Saturday, 5 October

In the morning we took our son to a “Touch a Truck” event in Tuckahoe. There were not as many trucks as I expected, but parking was easy and he did have a nice nice time.  He got to go inside ambulance, several large truck cabs and a fire truck.  2 hours of entertainment for the little one.

IMG_0759 IMG_0808 IMG_0760 IMG_0816










When it was time for his nap, we let him fall asleep in the car while driving to Upper East side to buy fish in Citarella.

That is the closest place I know to buy good quality fresh fish, and we go there once or twice a week.  I got beautiful arctic char.  I like to pick a fish that I can see whole first, than have them fillet it for me. Yes, it is more expensive, but that way it is fresher and not glazed in phosphates.  I can really see the difference.  Really fresh fish is amazing!  Besides this beautiful fish, I picked up some scallops, smoked salmon and fresh anchovies.

IMG_0930While in the area, I have a chance to pick up some bread in a shop/bakery one block away.  I always fight the temptation to try something new — like pistachio eclair or a creme brulee.  Since I was going to a weekly pilgrimage to Lady M later, I definitely did not have calories for that.  So I just settled for a coffee.

IMG_0924 IMG_0916 IMG_0927

After shopping — Lady M.  My addiction.  Lady M green tea crepe cake is my favorite cake in the whole NYC (and this city has a lot of pastry).  I had one and a half slices.  I justify it because it would not be good for a toddler to eat the entire slice.  So, at least 1,000 calories of cake today. Yikes!  But I do it every week.

IMG_0939 IMG_0982

IMG_0963 IMG_0993 IMG_0948

When we got home, I went for a run.  Yes, it is kind of like hitting a iceberg head on and than trying to get the water out with a tea cup.  Still, eating like this, I have to exercise religiously.


Weather was beautiful, and the run was lovely.  I love trail running this time of the year.  No more bugs, not too hot, no people.  It is very calming, almost meditative.  It was too dark to run back through the forest, so I run back a different way.  I wish I had a chance to run outside more often.  Not really possible on weekdays though. It is dark already by the time I get home from work.

When I got home, DH had to leave for a friend’s wedding.  I stayed home because I did not want to take him for a late wedding and we did not have babysitting arrangements.

DB burger night, 3 October

We went to DB Bistro during our vacation in Miami and I liked their indulgent signature burger.  So when choosing a place to go out on our childless night, browsing through groupon reserve and seeing a 20% off offer, I decided it is time to re-visit this lovely burger.

DH was doing a survey downtown, for which he got paid $300, and while waiting for him I put in two hours at the gym across the street from my office.  I know it won’t cancel out this calorie bomb, but that’s no excuse not to minimize the damage.

When we arrived at 9:30 the place was completely packed (and it is not a small place).  Not a table available.  Good thing we had a reservation.  We were seated right away.  Service, from hostess to bus boys to waiters, was very professional.

photo 1

The burger is made from freshly ground meat, with foe gra and spare rib center.  Cooked medium rare, with a nice Parmesan bun.  Delicious and cooked to perfection.

photo 4photo 5  photo 2 photo(2) photo(1)The chocolate foundant cake was also quite good.

With 2 entrees, 1 drink and one dessert, after 20% off, our meal came to $81, so $101 after the tip.  Not bad for a meal of this quality.

Yes, it is $32 for a burger — some people might think it is crazy or indulgent.  But considering we only eat burgers perhaps once every 3 months(I can’t afford the calories), is it too crazy to spend $12 a months on burgers?

Rent the runway sample sale

With my son being at grandma’s for two days, I am taking full advantage, and headed to shop at a sample sale after work, since by doing that I would not be taking time away from the baby.

Sample sales are one of the advantages of living in NYC – they present a great opportunity for snagging a designer label at a fraction of the cost. And it is sort of like a treasure hunt – treasures are buried somewhere within those racks, and they are not easy to find.

The sale running at the moment is a “Rent the runway” sample sale, so I decided to give it a try.

photo 1 photo 2This sale was different from others — most clothing was used, but there was a variety of high-end designers.  Various degree of used.  Some with rips and stains, some looking completely brand new.  It was a usual mess — a large room stuffed with clothing, communal changing room with personal belongings stuffed over the floor and girls competing for mirror space.

photo 3I think mess helps.  It separates the clothing from the brand’s image, and you look at it solely based on what it is, not based on what it should represent. There is no posh store with pleasant expensive smell to tell you that this item is worthy.  The item stands on its own, in a pile, so it has a harder job to convince you that it is worth the asking price. photo 4I searched diligently for a bargain, and found few good candidates, but decided to put them back based on their less than perfect condition.

Than I found one dress that looked brand new.  It was orange (great for fall) color and it was Yigal Azrouël.  Originally completely unjustified $850 (I mean really?) it was now a reasonable $81.  It was well made, a bit unusual, and very fitting.  Maybe too fitting.  That thing is tiny and makes me want to loose 5 more lb. Shopping designer labels can make anyone feel fat.  But, I will wear it as is. dress 1dress 2


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