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New trail running shoes in time for beautiful fall weather.

I got new trail running Solomon shoes from REI.com and could not wait to test them out.

Today, our son was with his grandma, so my husband and I had a chance to run together.  We went for a nice 5 mile run in our neighborhood (Bronx).  I love trail running, and this time of year it is not hot and is lovely to run.  Though massive amount of leaves are making trails more slippery.






That was lovely, but that does not cancel out 1.5 pieces of very delicious cake and 2 lattes.

Going into Manhattan, you are faced with this on every block:




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One thought on “New trail running shoes in time for beautiful fall weather.

  1. Hey there. I saw your blog from an old thread in the Saving Advice forum.. :) Decided to take a look if you’re still going since you were asking for feedback for inspiration back in Dec 2012.

    Glad you’re still blogging, keep it up! :)

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